Kerin Monaco

Kerin Monaco is a passion-filled 500 hour- RYT. After receiving her 200 hour certification from Namah Shivaya,(Dallas, Texas) in 2013, she decided to leave her job as a social worker and pursue her talent for teaching others the benefits of a yoga lifestyle.
Since she began teaching, Kerin has accrued over 500 hours of leading diverse yogis. She loves to work with those who are eager to incorporate yoga philosophy into their everyday living. Kerin’s classes are vibrantly sequenced with opportunities to elevate the mind, body, spirit connection. She is an avid reader, dog lover, and mom.

Kerin Monaco instructs the following:
  • Fire Flow
  • The Fire Flow class takes place in a room heated to 95°-100°.  Each class is uniquely designed to challenge all levels with modifications given for beginner and advanced yogis.  The class is fun, challenging and will have you moving, breathing and sweating! The added element of heat challenges the body as well as the mind - helping to detoxify and invigorate the you. You will explore various poses to work the entire body.  You are encouraged to work at a level that is appropriate for you and take modifications as needed to honor your body. This class will help you build strength and flexibility leaving you feeling charged and energized. Bring a towel and expect to sweat!
    All Levels • Temperature: 95° - 100°
    Great for: Strength • Flexibility • Cardiovascular Health • Toning • High Calorie Burning • Stress Reduction • Cultivating Inner Peace

  • Vinyasa
  • This is a fun class that incorporates the fluidity of breath and movement. Each class is uniquely designed to allow you to explore and play within your own body. It incorporates poses to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Basic knowledge of sun salutations is recommended but not necessary.
    All Levels • Temperature: 76°-78°
    Great for: Strength • Flexibility • Cardiovascular Health • Toning • High Calorie Burning • Stress Reduction • Cultivating Inner Peace

  • Full Moon Sessions
  • The Full Moon Sessions are the perfect gathering for modern moon goddesses of all levels. In this 90 minute monthly circle, women connect with each other, the moon, and the sacred feminine through an astrology based yoga practice and intuitive journaling exercise.
    Every session is called to focus through a guided meditation drawing in the elements; earth, fire, air, and water. Once mind, body, and spirit have been brought into the present, we begin a yoga practice that is woven with knowledge of the current month's full moon. After a soothing savasana, our collective joins in a circle with a journaling exercise that ties it all together.
    Women leave feeling empowered, witnessed, and with an understanding of how to access their sacred power.
    Suggested Donation: $15