Richard Olmsted

I began my yoga journey in 2000 at the Tree House in Tampa. I have been teaching since 2002. John Friend/Desire Rumbaugh, Anusara, Karin Stephan, Iyengar, and Bob Smith, Hatha, have been my strongest influences. I teach a mix of Ashtanga, Ansuara, and Iyengar, one could call it “mutt” or 31 flavors of yoga.

I have done workshops with, Rodney Yee, Eric Shiftman, Mark Whitehall, Shiva Rea, Baron Ki McGraw and others

Currently pursuing deeper Ashtanga practice with Tony Nenov. I believe the use of music, can get people to move and deepen their practice and presence. I began with a sore back and a closed mind, hopefully both have opened. I am a RTY 200 hour certified teacher

Richard Olmsted instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa
  • This is a fun class that incorporates the fluidity of breath and movement. Each class is uniquely designed to allow you to explore and play within your own body. It incorporates poses to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Basic knowledge of sun salutations is recommended but not necessary.
    All Levels • Temperature: 76°-78°
    Great for: Strength • Flexibility • Cardiovascular Health • Toning • High Calorie Burning • Stress Reduction • Cultivating Inner Peace